In The Netherlands most people choose to hand over the task of the buying and / or selling of their house to an estate agent. It isn’t compulsory but most people find it both profitable and useful rather than having to do it all themselves!

We at Korver Makelaars have access to, and are totally familiar with the most current Dutch legislation as well as the process of buying and selling a house. So much so that you can rest assured that there will be no hidden surprises.

Situated in the heart of De Ronde Venen, in the centre of Mijdrecht, we are one of the most reputable estate agents in the area and have already helped a number of foreign clients find a new home or sell an old one. We also offer our services in English, to make your move easier still.

If you are looking for something new click on the “woningaanbod” button to get a better idea of our current supply of housing and see if we have a home that satisfies your criteria. We can also offer you information about all the properties for sale in the entire area.

Please feel free to visit our office in Mijdrecht during office hours for a personal an informal chat or you can contact us at +31 297 250421 for more information or e-mail us at welkom@korvermakelaars.nl.

the Korver – team